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Tips For Wedding Photography For Beginners

Wedding photography is a very important part of planning for any wedding.

You will want to find out what time of day the wedding will take place. If you are taking photos at a night wedding, you will want to make sure that you are ready for this type of scenario. Taking pictures indoors often requires a flash and you want to make sure that all of your pictures turn out with enough light. It can be very frustrating to be presented with dark pictures that you can hardly make out.

It can also help to have a mentor on your side. If you do not have much experience with wedding photography, it can help to find a wedding photographer to help you understand more about taking wedding photos. This should be someone that has built a good reputation. It can help you to see their work and this can be a great teaching moment.

You can seek out the location before you begin shooting pictures on the actual wedding day. If you know the time of the wedding, you can scout out the location around this time to get a better idea of lighting. This can be very helpful and you will find many different spots that can be great settings for pictures.

You should make sure that you have the right skills before you try to take professional pictures for any wedding professionally. The pictures for a wedding need to be some of the most professional that are taken and a wedding day only happens once and you cannot retake these kinds of candid moments.

When you are taking pictures during the ceremony and other quiet times, the sound should be shut off from your camera. It can be very distracting to hear beeps and other noises when special moments are happening for friends and family.

Wedding photography for beginners is something that needs to be mastered before you begin taking photos for an actual wedding. Experienced photographers can make all of the difference at any wedding. When a couple is happy with their wedding photographs, it can be one of the most rewarding feelings for the photographer.


Wedding Video - Video Editing Basics

A wedding is a very special day in any person's life and having a good wedding video of it, along with wedding photography is important to remember your own special day. Before a quality video can be created there are some video editing basics that have to be done to get the final video of your special day.

When a video is created, there are three key stages for video production that are completed in order to create the final video. The first stage is pre-production, which consists of storyboarding, creating a shot list and scripting.

The second stage is production also known as the filming stage. This is where the video is actually created of the wedding day. The third stage is post production, where editing, adding VFX and grading footage is done.

The video editing process is a very imperative component to the production of the final video that is given to the customer. The completed video needs to be where you have shaped the story narrative to be continuous and consistent final sequence that tells the story of any person's special wedding day for them to remember forever.

When it comes to a wedding, the video and the wedding photography are the two most vital ways for any person to always hold on to their memories. You have to make sure that your final video is exactly what they want and editing has to be done in order to achieve this.

Now, besides the three key stages of producing a video, it is important to be sure that you use the right video editing software to make the final video a quality product. The software that you choose to utilize is completely up to you, but you have to remember that the software is definitely going to make your job easier.

If you are the videographer that will be taking the video, you need to have all of this information in your mind already or you will not be able to deliver the final quality wedding video that every person wants to have of their special day.

For any person that will be the one hiring a professional, be sure that you ask questions about this process so you can ensure they will have the information required to provide you with the quality video you want to have.

Don't just assume that the videographer that you hire has this knowledge or you may wind up hiring someone that leaves you with a bad video that makes it very hard to remember your special day clearly.

Now, the basics of video editing are important for anyone to know so you understand how the final video is created, but when you want to capture your wedding on video the best thing you can do is to hire a professional videographer that knows all about this information and more so you get the exact video you wish to have of your special day. Plus, they can provide you with the wedding photography that you also want.


Brides & Grooms: How to Get a Wedding Video You Will Treasure

Your wedding day will be a wonderful experience, one that you will enjoy and treasure its memories. No matter how good the still photographs are, nothing will be guaranteed to recapture those memories better than a well-crafted video. It is worth taking the time beforehand to select a videographer capable of producing a video that will capture your wedding in such a way that you will be able to relive those precious memories for the rest of your lives.

Points to consider

You will need to be confident on the day of the wedding that your videographer is skilled at camerawork, will be able to communicate with you and your guests to ensure he can work efficiently, yet unobtrusively, and that he will record sound cleanly and clearly. He must be methodical, capturing not just the wedding, but the preparations (bride dressing, arrivals at church) and also the events following such as the reception, speeches and dancing. However that is just one facet of his work. A larger, unseen part of his work will be his subsequent editing of the final video and his skill at transfer to DVD; the quality of the final wedding DVD is wholly dependent on how carefully the video is prepared (transcoded) for transfer to DVD.

It is not difficult to operate a modern video camera. However to get impeccable results, that can be smoothly and seamlessly edited into a pleasing wedding video, does take considerable skill. Once your important day has passed there will be no second chance to get a better record, which is why it is vital that you make an informed choice of videographer. Unfortunately the wedding video field does have its share of 'cowboys', relative beginners, happy to charge a large fee for what may turn out to be an embarrassingly poor end result. This article will help guide you past the pitfalls, to ensure that your video has the emotional impact of your wedding, and for all the right reasons!

Pointers to getting a perfect wedding video

* Find a videographer who has had considerable experience in this genre -
ofind out how long have they been making wedding videos.

* Ask to see several examples of their work -

oit is important to be able to view one, or more than one, relatively recent video, all the way through. A show reel of the 'best bits' will not demonstrate consistent quality - only a full video will be able to reassure you.

* Find out how many cameras will be used on the day of the wedding.

oSome elements of the wedding day fall into a set pattern, but much of what happens is spontaneous, and it is virtually impossible to capture the unexpected using a single camera. Professional videographers will use a second camera and maybe even three. This not only enables a variety of angles to be captured, guaranteeing a more pleasing end result, but is also an insurance against a camera malfunction.

* Will a radio microphone (or more than one) be used?

oClear sound means getting the microphone close to the 'action' i.e. close to the wedding ceremony. Modern radio microphones are small and unobtrusive, yet are capable of delivering broadcast quality. Be very very wary of a videographer who intends to rely solely on the 'onboard' camcorder microphone, you will almost certainly be disappointed by the sound in the final video!

* How much will hiring the videographer cost?

oYou will have obtained quotes from your short listed group of videography companies - when you ask for the quote, find out how many DVDs will be included in this price, and also check how much it will cost to get further duplicate DVDs made in the future. Having viewed examples from your various videographers, the advice here is to budget for the best you can afford. It will not be cheap - if the cost sounds too good to be true then it very probably is! Bear in mind that you'll be paying for one or two skilled cameramen on the wedding day itself, and then several further days of skilled editing time. Editing is a highly complex craft that can turn good video footage into a breathtakingly wonderful end result.

* Ask for references: Ask each of your prospective videographers to provide you with phone numbers for three or four recent clients for whom they have made wedding videos.

oReputable videographers will be delighted to provide such references, and their clients will be equally keen to share their experiences with you.

* Image quality: Over the past few years broadcast TV quality has improved dramatically, with high definition widescreen TV rapidly becoming the 'norm'.

o We recommend you check with your prospective videographer that they will be recording in widescreen, high definition format - the images will be sharper and the colours more vibrant. Importantly this will 'future proof' your wedding video - shot on this format it will still look good long into the future, whereas 'standard definition' video will not age anywhere near as well, the results in comparison disappointingly wooly.

Having done your homework in your choice of videographer you will be able to relive your wedding day memories far into the future! We hope your wedding is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and wish you a long and happy future together!


Tips for hiring a professional to take your wedding video

When planning a wedding you will find that hiring a good wedding videographer is essential. It is not enough to entrust such an important task to a relative with an ancient camcorder and a shaky hand. A professional wedding videographer will ensure that you have a wedding video that truly captures the memorable moments of your special day.

Memories captured on a day as special as a wedding day should be entrusted to a professional wedding videographer to ensure that you get the quality and service you require.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you find the videographer who will take the best wedding video:

Choose a wedding videographer who will cater to your individual need rather than one who has a narrow and generic view of wedding videos. The videographer should be able to create a video that represents your vision by capturing moment that are important to you and editing artistically.

You will want the videographer you hire to give you the time and personal attention you require therefore when deciding on a professional to take your wedding video make sure they are able to give you hands on attention from the very start of the planning process.

When shopping for a potential wedding videographer you should also keep in mind the importance of video clarity and quality. It is advisable for you to view some sample videos and question the professional about the end product. You will want a wedding video which is not just clear in image but also in sound. You also want to avoid shaky or badly edited wedding videos, as this would not properly portray your special day.

During the ceremony, it is important that the videographer and the crew conduct their filming with minimum disturbance to you and your guests. You will want a wedding video to be as candid as possible with your guest as relaxed as possible therefore the professionals you hire should understand the importance of being unobtrusive. Your wedding video should have all the moments of your wedding in it without looking staged or uncomfortable.

You will most likely also have a professional wedding photographer at the ceremony. To avoid any miscommunication between the two make sure that the company you hire undertakes both the photography and filming in house. This way you ensure that both professionals can liaise with each other. They will both be able to share the vision that you have as well and coordinate with each other during the ceremony. You would not want the photographer and videographer getting in each other's way during the ceremony and this can be avoided if the two professionals are used to working together.

These are just some of the points that need to be considered to ensure that you get a wonderful wedding video that captures your wedding day perfectly. When all the celebrations are over you can relive the day again and again when watching your wedding video.


What Do Wedding Parties Expect From Wedding Video Makers?

Wedding videos are responsible for keeping wedding memories intact so that they can be viewed at any time in the future. Therefore, some wedding video makers use all the tricks possible to grab the attention of customers so that they can get the maximum number of bookings during wedding season. In the heat of competition, they sometimes do a bad job of the wedding coverage by using excessive special effects. Wedding Videos by Freeze Frame Wedding Video Lancashire is not one of these companies and are in fact reputed for shooting wedding videos naturally and without using many special effects.
Special effects are useful for enhancing video coverage, but overuse of them can sometimes mar the originality of the video as it loses its natural sense. A wedding couple will expect a videographer to be natural and rational while shooting a wedding video and they will also expect the video to be comprehensive and not leave out a single important moment whether it be happy or poignant. A wedding, although mostly a happy occasion, also marks the departure of your beloved daughter from your household as she will become the wife of someone from outside, and this can sometimes make relatives sad. These are moving moments, and a bride would want them captured in the video without missing even a single second.
The wedding party would also usually like the videographer to be unobtrusive while covering the event and utterly courteous to the gathering. Some videographers play prima donna while shooting wedding videos and unnecessarily intrude in proceedings where it is not required. They thus become a nuisance and an irritating factor to the wedding party and guests. A good videographer will strictly avoid such adventures.
Another thing that a wedding party expect from a videographer is quality shooting for which they would like the cameraman to use the best cameras and lighting. The end product must be delightful to watch with a continuous flow of events as they unfold on the day. Good quality editing of the wedding video would ensure that the entire video coverage is comprehensively compressed into two to two and half hours - an easy to watch film.
A videographer must also have the knowledge of various religious and ethnic wedding practices so that he does not miss any of them during wedding ceremonies. Wedding ceremonies differ from religion to religion and culture to culture, and a videographer who knows them well will come out as the best in the business. Wedding Videos by Freeze Frame Wedding Video Cheshire employs knowledgeable videographers to accomplish this, and that is why they are the best in the business in the area they operate.


Italian Wedding

Although weddings have changed over the years some cultures still like to keep their big day with old rituals and tradition! Italian weddings are one of the cultures that as well as their country they like to keep their weddings traditional. A lot of traditional wedding acts carried out by the Italians are renowned over the world.

The veil that is worn by the bride on her wedding day is one of the traditions that has stemmed back to Italy. The veil suggests that as it covers the bride's face they have never 'known' a man before which represents the purity of the woman, that they are still a virgin.

Other Italian traditions that we still see today at weddings across the world are diamond engagement rings - said to be made by the "flames of love".

If the bride and groom want to stick to true Italian wedding tradition they will have their ceremony in the morning. Usually this happens so that after the married couple have united and said their vows they can spend some time together. Whilst this is happening friends and family will then take time to prepare for the afternoon celebrations.

The bride and groom will usually want to display their love and affection for each other. This can be demonstrated in various ways but the most modern way is the release of a pair of white doves.

Once the reception fun and activities begin this tends to go on until early hours of the morning, sometimes even after the bride and groom have left. The food served is plentiful and it often starts with antipasto - olives, salami, stuffed mushrooms to name but a few. This can be followed by anything up to another 12 courses so guests are kept happy and well fed.

Symbolic foods at an Italian wedding celebration because they bring good tidings include twists of fried dough, powdered with sugar known as wanda, and Italian wedding candy.

A bag is usually circulated around to the guests and is known as the 'La Borsa' so money can be collected. Typically the money is then given to the bride's family to help cover the great costs of the wedding.

Once the majority of the eating has done then it is time for guests to burn off some calories and dance the night away. The traditional dance for Italian weddings is a dance called the Tarantella. It is formed in a circular shape and everyone of all ages takes part. As you can imagine this can get a little comical but all the guests have a good time and it is a fantastic way to get people up on their feet. It starts off by the bride and groom having their first dance and then both families will then come in join in. And once this has happened it is a free for all.

The whole day of at an Italian wedding is a joyous occasion and it memorable for all especially the bride and groom.


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